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Commercial Spaces
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Ceiling painting/ Camarillo library
Shown in studio before installation in library, Camarillo, CA.  
Cheesecake Factory Restaurant
This is an installed ceiling mural at a Cheesecake Factory Restaurant in Pleasanton, CA  
RTKL Architectural office
Mural painted on wall of architectural firm's open lobby and office space, Los Angeles  
Detail/ historic ships
Closer view of middle panel outside theatre on a Princess Cruise ship.  
Painted backdrop/Cruise Ship
Backdrop for a theatre on a cruise ship - 15 ft. x 30 ft.  
Painted drapes/Pacific Design Center
Faux drapery painted on the walls, and over a door outside a design showroom at the Pacific Design Center, Los Angeles  
Large Wine Bottles/Italian Restaurant
David with finished mural for restaurant in Las Vegas before installation.  
Night scenes, Chinese fishermen/Treasure Island restaurant
detail of mural in Chinese restaurant, Las Vegas  
Old world maps
One of 5 panels painted on canvas depicting fictional old world town and country. Measures about 8' x 10'.  
Unfinished paintings for inset panels
Princess Cruise ship murals, painting in progress  
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