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Frequently Asked Questions

Are these painted directly on a wall in place?
No, most of the time, these paintings are done in a studio on muslin, a fine textured fabric, and then shipped to a location and applied to the wall or ceiling by professional wallpaper hangers. The end result looks like the paintings are done in place directly on the surface on location.

Why do the paintings in the studio?
This is a faster way to complete a job, there is more control in the process of the painting, and less time spent on ladders and scaffolds intruding on a location. Some paintings take months to complete and this can be very disruptive to a homeowner or a business location.

How do you come up with your images?
In working with a client, we thoroughly discuss a project, getting ideas of what type of style, feeling, image, colors, etc. is envisioned for the finished product.

We show examples of relevant art or photos and do sample drawings and scale color renderings to finely tune the image for approval from the client. We use the final approved color rendering as our resource to create the final full scale product.

If a client has definite ideas or artwork already created, this part of the process can be very quick.

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