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Painting Process
Generally these paintings are done on a muslin fabric which is stretched on a frame in a studio. When the painting is completed, it is trimmed off of the frame, rolled on a tube and taken to the location to be installed on the surface with professional grade wallpaper paste. The result looks identical to a painting done in place, but there is much more control in the studio, which can result in a better product.

In the examples pictured in this website, some of the ones painted directly on the walls are ones in which a vaulted ceiling had a lot of arched elements or rounded cove features, where a piece of fabric could not fit; or only a portion of the ceiling has an architectural trompe l'oeil effect; or walls where the surface preparation was part of the painted effect as in marble or natural stone effects.

For locations where the architecture or nature of the project may dictate, the painting may be done directly on the walls or ceiling, but due to the limitations imposed by location painting, ie; limited hours, concern about spilling paint, intrusion in a business or home for long periods of time, painting on canvas is preferable if it is an option.

Preliminary Process
For a mural project, some people may have only a vague idea of what they want and others have very specific ideas. To come up with an image for the final artwork, we thoroughly discuss a project with the client, getting ideas of what type of style, feeling, image, colors, etc. is envisioned for the finished product.

We show examples of relevant art or photos and do sample drawings and scale color renderings to finely tune the image for approval from the client. We use the final approved color rendering as our resource to create the final full scale product. Exact dimensions are needed before the full size painting can begin.

If a client has definite ideas or artwork already created, this part of the process can be very quick and less costly.

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